I have a pet peeve I want to rant a little bit about today and not too surprisingly, it’s about vampires and how they are represented in the movies. I know that to a certain degree a movie is only as good as its script and that many times the author is told what to insert into the storyline by the producers. That is business, I get it, and I have no trouble with folks making money. That is not what bothers me.

June 19, 2009 was the 30th anniversary of McFarland Publishing Company and to celebrate they held a company picnic.

FantaSci is an event held at the Chesapeake Central Library in VA. I attended for the first time this June and had a blast. I was able to meet and greet with the public (which is always my pleasure to do) and speak on a panel about how to do research when writing a book […]

Can you tell me if I’m a vampire?
I have a craving for blood. Am I a vampire?
Are Vampires immortal?
Do vampires really drink blood?
Did vampires ever exist?
Can a crucifix kill a vampire?
Do vampires fear water?
Can a vampire fly?

Being a vampirologist I get asked a lot of very strange questions, like “What does human blood tastes like?”

Vampirologist Theresa Bane will be appearing at:

I was talking with my husband about the graphic novel “52” that we recently purchased and figured out that Bizarro Superman should be a vampire.

At DragonCon 2006 I was asked by Buzzy Multimedia to do an interview with novelist Jim Butcher, author of The Dresden Files

Photos of Theresa Bane & Vampire Pumpkin

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