Vampirologist, Theresa Bane is at it again, working on a new encyclopedic reference book for McFarland.

“Encyclopedia of Spirits and Ghosts in World Mythology” is out and available; it can be purchased through the publisher, McFarland

Darkness Dave of Darkness Radio has invited me to be a 2 hour guest on his radio show Friday, April 1, 2016.

Super fan, Blaze O’Rama has been following the progress of my newest book, (working title) “Encyclopedia of Folkloric, Legendary, and Mythological Creatures” since the day I posted the news on Facebook what seems like forever ago. She has been encouraging me all along and has been ever supportive. In anticipation of the project seeing print […]


BBM was designed for both the experienced gamer and the new kid at the table. Using two d6 and the single most streamline and brilliant dice mechanic I have ever encountered I promise you that this game will live up to its tagline: “Smaller rules equals bigger gaming!”

The Piedmont is the central area of North Carolina between the mountains to the west and the coastline to the east. This beautiful region is not renowned for ghost stories and folktales like other areas of the country, but that’s what’s so interesting about this book — its stories are unexpected and completely open to discovery.

Scheduled to be released in January of 2012, “Encyclopedia of Demons in World Religions and Cultures”

I have recently had two more book reviews on my latest McFarland “The Encyclopedia of Vampire Mythology”.

I recently was sent an e-mail from a young scholar and researcher who asked me what I considered to be some of the better books on vampire mythology.

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