I recently was sent an e-mail from a young scholar and researcher who asked me what I considered to be some of the better books on vampire mythology.

Without Bram Stoker’s “Dracula” do you think the vampire would be as popular today?

The origins of the vampire myth goes back as far as mankind. Some of our most ancient writings that have been discovered by archeologists make reference to this creature. It would appear that ever since mankind has evolved into a sentient being there have been vampires.

As you already know I have been hard at work writing my newest book for McFarland and Company, “The Encyclopedia of Vampire Mythology.” It was quite the labor of love and now I am at the end of it, a bittersweet event. However, it was during this end stage that I have discovered that there are 15 entries in my book that I was unable to locate the source for. I am certain that at some point I had this information but over the years and moves and computer upgrades have since become lost to me. If anyone out there has any knowledge of these species of vampires and can provide me with the names of the books that I can fact check them in I would deeply grateful

Can you tell me if I’m a vampire?
I have a craving for blood. Am I a vampire?
Are Vampires immortal?
Do vampires really drink blood?
Did vampires ever exist?
Can a crucifix kill a vampire?
Do vampires fear water?
Can a vampire fly?

Being a vampirologist I get asked a lot of very strange questions, like “What does human blood tastes like?”