Two big bits of news! “Encyclopedia of Spirits and Ghosts in World Mythology” is out and available; it can be purchased through the publisher, McFarland, via their website or wherever you buy books on line <ahem, like, for instance, Amazon>. Why not also suggest your local library to purchase a copy; they do after all, love to know what their patrons want to read!

Additionally, I wanted to share this photo with everyone. Here is a picture of super fan, Lisa K. Rich holding up her copy of the book. I have been blessed with having had so many books published that I ran out of family and friends to dedicate my newest three too. So I held a contest where the winner would have a book dedicated to them. As I had three books scheduled for release in 2016, I picked three winners from all the entries; then, randomly applied each person to one of the three books. I had no idea which book was going to be released first this year but as it turns out, it was Lisa’s!

lisa k rich with book

Lisa K. Rich holding her copy of “Encyclopedia of Spirits and Ghosts in World Mythology”

In a beautiful gesture, Lisa preferred the book to be dedicated to her mother. She penned such a lovely dedication I left it as she wrote it, applied it to the manuscript, and sent the work off to the publisher. I could tell you what she wrote, it was rather tear jerk-y, but I prefer you purchase a copy for yourself and read it where you will.


Encyclopedia of Spirits and Ghosts

“Encyclopedia of Spirits and Ghosts in World Mythology” now for sale where ever fine books are sold, and online as well.


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