Super fan, Blaze O’Rama has been following the progress of my newest book, (working title) “Encyclopedia of Folkloric, Legendary, and Mythological Creatures” since the day I posted the news on Facebook what seems like forever ago. She has been encouraging me all along and has been ever supportive. In anticipation of the project seeing print she has gone above and beyond and made for me a mock front and back cover of the book. I share it here for everyone’s enjoyment!

mock cover











There was a back cover design as well, but I am unable to wrangle the file into the post.

The creature on the bottom half of the image is, by the way, is a yokai known as an Atsuuikakura; it is a gigantic man-eating sea cucumber which grew from the undergarments of a young noble girl who threw herself into the ocean rather than be ravished by lecherous fisherman.



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