Although my new books are always reviewed when they come out, it takes me by surprises when I get a great review. I don’t mean a one where the book is “highly recommended”  or said to be a “must have addition” to any serious researcher’s library. I get those. And I am happy to receive them as I work diligently, obsessive really, to make the best book I possibly can. These books are intended to be not just academic resources but my back-hand ticket to immortality.

I get they type where the reviewer says nothing new or original but rather simply reprints the books own back matter copy. Thanks, I guess.

Then there is the type of review where the reviewer likes the book, but wonders about why I included or chose not to include some entry or another. To these reviewers I would like to say: If you read my Preface or Introduction, the question was answered. Ad nauseam.

So it is rare indeed when the person who reviews one of encyclopedia actually takes the time not only open the work but to read it–including the Preface and Introduction (which confidently speaking, i hate to write).

Recently my “Encyclopedia of Spirits and Ghosts in World Mythology ” was reviewed by Kyle German (Follow him on Facebook) who runs the long standing blog spot “Demon Hunters Compendium.” Although you must log into to read the blogs posted there, as the subject matter of mythology may offend some, I recommend checking it out.  Kyle is a rabid researcher, interested in all things paranormal, from mythology to UFOs–you name it.

I would love it if you went to his site and read the review he did for my book. It is amazing. He explains why the book is great: the information, the layout, the index (which confidently speaking, is my favorite part of the book to write), and the bibliography. He tells of how he discovered things that even he did not know, no small feat, I assure you. Kyle is a hard sell, and I was beyond flattered I impressed him. I thank you sir for the review; it is my fondest wish for you to go and review my other books.


Encyclopedia of Spirits and Ghosts



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