It always a little nerve wracking knowing that once your book is published and out there that the reviews are right behind. It’s an odd experience because although you are proud of your accomplishment and want to share it with the world you are concerned about how it will be received. I am particularly proud of my newest book, “Encyclopedia of Vampire Mythology” published through McFarland and the reviews are finally coming in.

Amazon has certainly changed the way we are able to buy books, opening up a whole new world of options. Before they were around you had to know what you were looking for and then call around to all the bookstores you knew about, hoping that yes they had the book and that they would be willing to ship it to you. It was a dark time.

Another thing I like about Amazon is that folks who have read the book can post their own reviews for the world to see right next to the major book reviewers, like Midwest Book Review. It’s awesome when they all agree!


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