Augusta County Library System hosts a summer ComicCon in their various branches; this year I am happy to say I will be taking part in the activities! Although this is a three day event I am scheduled to appear at the Fishersville branch on Saturday, June 27th sometime between Noon and 4 p.m. I will update when a time slot is sent to me. If you have any questions about vampires, are a fan of the subject, or want to see the comic con, make sure not to miss this event! If you are interested in attending their address is 1759 Jefferson Highway, Fishersville, VA 22939. If you have questions about costuming or otherwise attending the event call (540)-885-3961 or (540)-949-6354. They, like me, also have a Facebook page.


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  1. Leo on October 17, 2015 10:12 am

    Another nice post, ANH. I’ve seen fanboys go on some *monster* rants on IMDb. I have this torhey, whether true or not, that pretty much everything humans do can in some way be traced back to the instinct to survive and thrive. So sometimes, I think part of the reason people go on nasty, mean-spirited, even abusive tangents is that, not only does it *feel good to win* it feels could to absolutely trounce your opponent, or at least to feel as though you have done so. In other words, it’s like these people, threw spewing lots of nasty words at once, are saying na-na-na-na-na. I’m bigger and stronger [i.e. better able to survive than you , thinking they can put on a display that will win through pure volume and/or nastiness of text, which others will be intimidated out of responding to. In other words, not only is going on a long rant vindicating, I think it sometimes makes the writer feel bigger, and that his audience is conversely smaller. And instinctively, he wants to feel like he can beat you, because, as with anything that involves a sense of either victory or loss at the outcome, winning an argument can give a sense of out-competing the other person that you are the stronger one who will go on to survive. Basically, it’s instinctive: , I think we want to win, because it makes us feel bigger and stronger, and we want to feel bigger and stronger because that’s what allows survival, and at least one of our biggest instincts is to survive, including over one another, not just between species. (It also feels emotionally satisfying, at least in the short to term, to just let people have it sometimes!)Well, that’s my two cents. Do you reckon it makes the least bit *of* sense?

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